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The Belltower Club

· First access to breaking news alerts

· Access to The Saginaw Valley Journal’s private Facebook group

· Increased access to Saginaw Valley Journal editors

· Discounts on display and classified advertising


The Belltower Club is an exclusive club for the most loyal readers of The Saginaw Valley Journal. Members of the club receive first access to breaking news alerts, increased access to Saginaw Valley Journal editors, access to The Saginaw Valley Journal’s private Facebook group, and discounts on display and classified advertising.

In the past five years, The Saginaw Valley Journal has developed and garnered a loyal reader base that has come to appreciate the newspaper’s goal to be at every Student Association meeting — sometimes, well into the early hours of the morning — at every Board of Control meeting, where the university’s governing body ratifies the decisions that affect the entire campus community, and at every single major event on campus, from high-profile football games to sold-out theatrical performances to the Student Association election debates.

Belltower Club members are some of the most educated and well-informed members of the SVSU campus community—such as student leaders, administrators and Board of Control members—who are in positions as leaders where knowing ‘what’s going on’ is a critical component of their success. A Belltower Club membership is just $29.99 annually.