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Charging readers for access to content allows us to develop a new source of revenue to strengthen our ability to provide the campus community with the high-quality journalism they’ve come to expect from us over the years.

Journalism is expensive, and high-quality journalism is even more expensive. The Saginaw Valley Journal tries its best to be at every Student Association meeting — sometimes, well into the early hours of the morning — at every Board of Control meeting, where the university’s governing body ratifies the decisions that affect the entire campus community, and at every single major event on campus, from high-profile football games to sold-out theatrical performances to the Student Association election debates.

In order to continue this trend, we depend on the support of our readers to help us conduct our important work and to do so ethically and free from financial conflicts. As a matter of principle, The Saginaw Valley Journal doesn’t shakedown students for funding. We believe that if you don’t want to read our newspaper, or if you don’t want to support us financially, you should be free to make that choice. Likewise, we believe that accepting mandatory funding from a subject of coverage violates sacred journalistic principles.

We realize that some readers — in fact, many readers — will not purchase a subscription plan, and that’s fine. There will remain, however, intelligent members of the campus community who either have a desire to be well-informed, or who are in positions as leaders where knowing ‘what’s going on’ is a critical part of their success, and we’re happy to be their source of news. If you haven’t already done so, we hope you’ll consider joining them.


Student Subscription — $9.99

Our student subscription is designed for SVSU students — both in information and in price. The plan includes news on campus events, student organizations, featured articles, and Student Association. While the plan caters to students, anyone may purchase a student subscription.


Regular Subscription — $29.99

Subscribers enjoy access to all Saginaw Valley Journal content online, including news on administration and faculty affairs, campus events, SVSU athletics, student organizations, Student Association, media, editorials, op-ed columns, letters to the editor, and featured articles.


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